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Nuno Coração

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Staff Product Manager


How to Structure Product Teams
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Nuno Coração
Product Strategy Management team organization
It doesn’t matter if you work in a startup, scale-up, or a larger organization, in any case, the success of a product team usually equals growing such a team. These changes bring challenges and opportunities to organizations. Here are some strategies for organizing product teams, what they optimize, and in which situation to use them.


Apes and Kittens in the Music Industry
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Nuno Coração
David Simão
Product Opinion nft crypto music
Technology has disrupted the music industry several times in history, changing the way we consume it, how it’s distributed and even how it’s made. In this article we’ll reflect about the good, the bad, and the ugly facts around NFTs in the music industry.
Static Feedback #4 — Creating the Blowfish Hugo Theme
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Nuno Coração
Interview Blowfish open-source Hugo podcast
Today I got the chance to sit down with David Large from CloudCannon to talk about open-source, Hugo, and my theme, Blowfish.
The New Artificial Intelligence Hype
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Nuno Coração
Product Strategy Technology Stable Diffusion Midjourney Dall-e AI Machine Learning
In the last few years, the hype around artificial intelligence has been increasing (again). Most of it is due to truly groundbreaking research and innovative showcases in the field. From machines winning complex games like Go and Dota 2, to various content generation techniques, these technologies will impact our future.
How to Run Stable Diffusion On Your Laptop
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Nuno Coração
Technology Tutorial AI Stable Diffusion Neural Network
In the last year, several machine learning models have become available to the public to generate images from textual descriptions. This has been an interesting development in the AI space. However, just recently did this technology became available for everyone to try.
Apple: iPhone 14, Watch 8, and Sustaining Innovation
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Nuno Coração
Product Strategy Apple Disruptive Innovation Sustaining Innovation
On the 7th of September, Apple held its “Far Out” iPhone event. New iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods were announced, each coming with a plethora of features. Yes, all of it was innovation, but none of it brought the kind of excitement Apple used to. Why is that? And why probably this is the best strategy for Apple.
Announcing Docker Hub Export Members
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Nuno Coração
Product Docker
Find out how Docker Business admins can export members to track their utilization of Docker and audit Docker usage.
Streaming Wars and What Comes After…
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Nuno Coração
Product Strategy Netflix Disney Amazon Apple
Last July and for the first time ever, streaming viewership surpassed cable. The streaming wars began around 2010 when Netflix introduced their first streaming-only plan with no DVD rentals, other players laughed at the time… little did they know. A decade after, there’s a multitude of streaming services available for mainstream entertainment and also for specific niches. What will happen next?
Bulk User Add for Docker Business and Teams
·2 mins
Nuno Coração
Product Docker
Forget manually inviting team members to Docker Desktop. With Bulk Add for Docker Business, invite your entire team with a CSV file or their Docker IDs!
How I Created My Homepage (for free) Using Docker, Hugo, and Firebase
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Nuno Coração
Development Tutorial Hugo Congo Docker VSCode
Currently, there are several solutions to build and host your personal website. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do it with the same set of features as some of the paid solutions out there and for free. Here are the results.
Nuno Coração – Meet the Mentor
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Nuno Coração
Product Mentorship Interview Mentorcruise
Nuno Coração is one of our professional mentors on MentorCruise and works as Staff Product Manager at Docker.


The Future of the Nintendo Switch
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Nuno Coração
Strategy Product Nintendo Switch Disruptive Innovation
Nintendo achieved something truly amazing with the launch of the Switch. It was able to disrupt itself and the entire gaming industry while saving itself from doom. How exactly was Nintendo able to do it and what comes next in that story?